Gas foundation training portfolio Birmingham

There are no preset course dates for Gas Portfolio Building

Cost £999

Who Should Attend This Course?

The building of Gas Portfolio is a pre requisite to undertaking the Initial ACS Gas Assessment, which is a requirement of Gas Safe before being allowed to sign on to the Gas Safe Register.

WM Gas Training Portfolio Building is designed for trainee gas engineers who have completed their gas foundation training and are required to build a gas porfolio in order to show they have proficient skills and the Gas Safe required minimum of working on site.  


Regretablly this course is no longer open to engineers who have trained at other centres .

How Long is The Course?

There is no set length for this aspect of your training.  You will be required to complete a specified number and type of jobs in the field whilst being supervised by a fully qualified and experienced Gas Engineer.  

Course Content

WM Gas Training have their own specialised team of Portfolio Engineers who are specifically trained in delivering the best supervision, encouragement and advice to any candidates placed under their care.


It is their role to ensure you, the candidate can complete the work required to complete your portfolio but more importantly, that once you have completed the portfolio you will be proficient and confident enough to work out in the field as a fully feldged Gas Engineer.

Working with an engineer will enable you to see the responsibilities and duties the engineer performs on a daily basis, such duties include: completion of paperwork, making decisions, liaising with customers, working safely and learning practical skills required for when you decide to work alone.

To prove you have worked alongside a Gas engineer and been onsite you will need to take photos of each job with you in these pictures showing you carrying out tasks supervised by the Gas safe registered engineer.


Many Trainee Gas Engineers fall by the wayside at this crucial stage in their training becuase many centres do not offer the help and support the engineer requires and it is often left to the trainee to find their own Gas Safe Registered Engineer to work with.  All our Portfolio Engineers are specifically trained to give you the support you need .