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ACS Initial

ACS Initial is for learners who have progressed and thus completed the foundation Gas training course and have provided a completed and signed off portfolio of evidence.

Once this has been completed you will be eligible for the ACS Initial Assessment.


Some FAQ's are provided below.

Q - Can i sit my assessment and do my portfolio later?

A - Your portfolio is a pre-requisite laid down by the certification body so sadly no.

Q - Is the exam closed book or open book?

A - Open book with all the relevant British Standards provided.

Q - How long can i expect to take to finish the exams and practical?

A - The average time taken is 3 to 5 days depending on how much revision and practical ability you have.

Q - What happens if i fail my assessment?

A - It is the assessors role to bring the best out of you on the day of your assessment so the aim is not only to see if you can meet the requirements of the assessment but to see  if you have a good understanding.  If you have brain freeze then you may get asked the question from different angles maximizing your knowledge recall rates. 

Q - What are your pass rates?

A - We maintain a consistent 99% pass rate with the other 1% passing after taking constructive advice.

Q - What happens after I pass?

A - Your paperwork is checked for compliance by the Internal Verifier and then sent to Logic Certification for technical review. Once this has been done the candidate details and their achievements are downloaded to Gas Safe and you will receive a certificate proving you have met the requirements to register as a Gas engineer.

Q - Can I work as a Gas engineer now I have my certificate saying I've passed?

A - Once you are in possession of your certificate you can make contact with Gas safe either online or by phone where they will send you a pack out for completion.  Now is a good time to think of your company name. Once you send this pack off you will receive  your brand new Gas Safe card to show your customers you are legally allowed to work on Gas.

Q - What happens once i start work as a Gas engineer?

A - You will be on probation by Gas safe until they have done a site visit with you. This is nothing to worry about as the inspectors are friendly and are constructive and there to ensure you have been following your training and not endangering life and property.