Boiler fault finding course

Next Course Date

11th April 2022

Cost £299
Boiler fault finding course in Birmingham



Gas Engineers who want add and extra level of customer service, not to mention an additional and very lucrative income stream to their current offer.  


The WM Gas Training Boiler Fault Finding Course has been designed for qualified gas engineers, that is engieers who have completed their gas training and as a minimum their Initial ACS Assessment.  This ensures that candidates are all at a level and have a good understanding of the principles of working with gas.


The boiler fault finding course is 2 days.  The day starts at 08:30  and finishes approx 16:30  hrs


Avoid wasting money throwing cash at boilers because you have misdiagnosed the fault. Our technician will train you how to use your multimeter properly to diagnose faults. Understand resistance with sensors, continuity, NTC & PTC circuits, check components on PCB boards. You will be trained on electrical safety and how to check for polarity faults which could affect the flame rectification circuit. If you have opted for a career as a breakdown engineer or just want to brush up on your fault finding skills then this is the course for you.

Note if you have your own multimeter then bring it along and we will show you how to use it, if you haven’t our highly skilled trainer will demonstrate a recommended model.

The areas covered on this course include:

  • Fault finding logic sequence

  • Be able to trace a fault from a particular point in boilers start up sequence

  • Fully understand the interlocks and how to diagnose the faults using a multimeter

  • Test down to component level to measure resistance to determine a good bad scenario


For example:

You are looking at this sensor, is it for the hot water, flow or return?

How do i test it without blowing the PCB?

What's a good reading?

How do i set the range on my multimeter?

What faults can this device represent?

At WMG we will show you how to use your multimeter properly to diagnose a multitude of faults so you have the confidence to repair faults with ease.

This course is not like the other manufacturers courses where they will try and encourage you to install their boilers with tons of sales material. Our course is full on parts + multimeter + hard and fast first hand knowledge from our experienced Gas safe engineer/trainer with with over 20 years experience!